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   ActionTec - Available Model
Go to download Page Click here to go to ActionTec website.
Modem drivers.. The latest drivers are available for free download here.  
   Support Mail:
   Support Phone: (408) 752-7714 ex. 7
Manufactured Models:
   DataLink V.90 (LK)     DataLink 56K (LK)     DataLink 56K x2 (SK)  
   DataLink 56K Cell (RK)     DataLink 33.6 Cell     DataLink 33.6 (XT)  
   DataLink 33.6 (LK)     DataLink 33.6 (SK)     DataLink 33.6 Rockwell  
   DataLink 28.8     DataLink 28.8 Cell     DataLink 14.4  
   DataLink V.90     56K External     56K Internal PCI  
   56K USB     56K ISA Advantage     DeskLink Advantage  
   DeskVoice Advantage     56K ISA Master     DeskLink Master  
   DeskVoice V.90     56K PCI Master     56K PCI Pro  
   DeskLink Pro     56K ISA Lite     56K PCI Lite  
   DeskVoice Pro     DeskTalk 33.6     DeskVoice 33.6  
   DeskTalk V.90     DeskTalk 56K x2     DeskVoice 56K x2  
   External 33.6     External 56K     56K PCMCIA X2 
   EX560LKA    PCTEL voice modem    pm560LKI 
   IS560TK ??    HSP56 (56K PCI LITE)    pm560lkc 
   PM560MS2    EX560LKC    HSP56 
   combo modem and ethernet 100 mgit    FM560LK , MD56002 , 8450325T    md56002 FM560LK 8450325T 
   OEM, HP2000C, IBM FRU 10K2029    PM560LH    IS560LH V.90 
   pm560lh    56k PCI Lite    56k V.90 PCI Voice/Fax Windows Modem 
   56 CALL WAITING\INTERNAL    EX56020 and ex560RK    PM560LHI 
   PCI 56019-01    Desktalk 33.6 Deskvoice 33.6    HSP56, 56K lite Modem, and others, look at the pic 
   FM336LK    Call Waiting Modems (All)    IS560SKV 
   IS560LH, DT56016, DT56018    FM 336    IS56oLH, DT56016, DT56018 
   DeskTalk    FM336XT PCMCIA LNQ750814    HSP56 56K PCI LITE 
   Desktalk 33.6 & Deskvoice 33.6    HSP56, 56K lite Modem    Call Waiting Modems All 
   pmx pe 2000    R4500U    Call Waiting Modems 
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