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   Acer - Available Model
Go to download Page Click here to go to Acer website.
Modem Drivers.. The latest drivers are available for free download here.  
   Support Mail: No Support Mail available.
   Support Phone: (512) 490-2423.
Manufactured Models:
   Acer Aspire Rockwell HCF 56K V.90 Drivers    PCI 56K chipset modem and K56Flex driver ONLY    Acer Aspire Sierra 14.4 and Acer 28.8 TAD-SP1 modem drivers 
   Acer Aspire 33.6 and K56 Modem Drivers    Aspire V.90 Modem Drivers for DS.AB638.L06    Aspire V.90 Modem Drivers for DS.AB638.F03 and DS.AB638.F05 
   Aspire V.90 Modem Drivers for DS.AB638.L04    Acer Aspire 33.6 Modem Drivers    Acer Aspire Rockwell 56K V.90 Drivers for systems with 
   DS.AB638.F08, DS.AB638.F09, DS.AB638.F10    DS.AB638.F12, DS.AB638.F14, DS.AB638.F16,and DS.AB638.F17 ONLY    FM336PVS 
   AMI-RA99P    AME-AX00-E    External ACERMODEM II 56 D-F-V modem 
   T62M154.00      Acer Modem 56 Surf External 
   91202171    Acer 336 PlugPlay    AOPen SoftK56 
   56 Surf AME-Me-00-E    AMU-AU00 ( others)    AMI-RA05/06/07 
   AME-TA00    WS-5614PM3G RLDL56PDF    ame-muoo 
   AME-MUOO    308-r94185    AME-TS00 
   AME-TG01 Ver. 3.0    AME-MS00    RLDL56DPF 
   AMU-AA00 (ext. usb)    FB FM 34PVS    AME-ME00 
   5.63 KB    AME-Mx00    AMI-RA03P PCI modems 
   fm56/336/34pvs(pv)    AME-AU00    HCF 56K 
   Acer Modem 56    AMI-RJ10P    FM56-PM FM56-SM 
   fm336pvs    DS.AB524.001 DS.AB539.001 DS.AB539.002    Aceropen FM56PVS 56000 
   rockwell RLDL56DPF    FM56PVS    AMIR05 
   MA-MA00    AME-MA00    AME-RA56 
   acer hcf 56k    Acer 56kbps External D/F/V/S Modem AME MX00 series    Acer 56kbps Ext D/F/V/S Modem (AME MX00 series 
   AME-MU00    Acer Aspire Rockwell    Acer Aspire Rockwell HCF 56K V.90 
   Acer Aspire 33.6 and K56    Aspire V.90    Acer Aspire 33.6 
   Acer Aspire Sierra 14.4 and 28.8    MD 2781    AME-TU00 
   FM56/34PVS    FM56-P    FM56 series 
   Acer AME-T series    HSP336 Deluxe    FB M56ESF 
   AME-TX00 Series External Modem    RC144AxF    FM56PVS-DL 
   Acer 336 Plug&Play    AMU-AU00    AMU-AA00 ext. usb 
   TravelMate 52X series    fm56/336/34pvspv    Acer 56kbps Ext D/F/V/S Modem AME MX00 series 
   AMU-AU00 (& others)    MR56PVS VER3 97'08    See list in comments 
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